Sunday, November 20, 2011

जैविक खाद (Organic Manures) बनाने का तरीका

Organic Manures (composition for 1 acre of land)

1. 15 kg Gobar (cow, buffaloes, bull)

2. 15 ltr of Urine (cow, buffaloes, bull)

3. 1 kg Gud (molasses)- try to use old, fungi infected gud.

4. 1 kg of any kind of flour made out of Dal (moong, urad, arhad etc)

5. 1 kg of soil which is to dug from the root area of an old tree.

6. Mix all of the above in a 150-200 ltr drum.

7. Continue stirring for next 15 days.

8. Use them in your field.

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